Our Commitment to you:

Professional and Organized - CierraTEC will provide a suitably skilled and knowledgeable trainer to deliver the training required by your organization.  The trainer will arrive at the delivery venue with sufficient time to be organized and prepared to deliver the course in a professional, confident and organized manner.  The trainer will deliver the course professionally and show tolerance, patience and consideration to all participants before, during, and after the course.  The trainer will confirm expectations, and plan the provision of all resources required to meet those expectations.

Confirmation of Satisfaction - Depending on the nature of the course we will use different methods, however at the conclusion of every delivery, the participants, management or both will be asked to provide a post course evaluation/confirmation of satisfaction.  We will always deliver the course as promised, and meet or exceed your expectations, or we will offer appropriate resolution.

Privacy and Confidentiality - CierraTEC respects all clients privacy and treats all information provided as confidential. At no time will CierraTEC pass on information provided to a third party unless otherwise agreed prior by the client or required by law.

Your part of the deal:

Planning and Organization - We will endeavor to ensure the event runs smoothly, but please assist us by clearly explaining your expectations, and help plan any resources required.  For example, if a PowerPoint presentation is required, does the facility have a PC and Projector? If not, can they be provided? Or does the trainer need to bring one or both devices? If the trainer is bringing both devices, will there be a suitable wall or projector screen to display the presentation? Are there sufficient power plugs, extension leads etc.  Trainers normally require at least 30 minutes to set up the room, will there be any issues accessing the room?  Where is the best parking?

Payment and Course Confirmation - Bookings are confirmed upon receipt of written confirmation from client.

Cancellation - In the event of a cancellation a full refund/or credit adjustment will be receivable to the client ONLY if cancellation is made more than 10 working days (more than 2-weeks) prior to the agreed date.  Invoices for courses canceled within 2 weeks of the delivery date, will still be payable.  Where cancellation is between 6-10 business days (between 1 and 2 weeks) prior to the course delivery date a 50% refund will be offered to the client.  Where cancellation is 5 days (1 week) prior to the course delivery date the full payment will be due/forfeited.

Rescheduling - In the event of rescheduling less than 2-weeks prior to the agreed delivery date, CierraTEC reserves the right to charge a reschedule fee of up to 20% of the original booking fee.

Non-Solicitation - Clients are requested not to approach or accept any offer by any trainer provided by CierraTEC to make bookings directly with the trainer.  In other words all bookings and payments made for any courses delivered or services provided by a trainer that was introduced to the client via CierraTEC must be made via CierraTEC - not to the trainer directly or any other entity with which the trainer may be associated.

Client Site Training Terms & Conditions